Hook Watch 100

16 July 2022

It seems such a long time since we started Hook Watch but here we are at No 100. Where has the time gone?

To celebrate 14 people spent a great morning at the start of what could be a record-breaking weekend for temperature. I think Notts could hit one of highest figures.

We did, however, start with very warm and sunny weather which called for shorts and T-shirts. The first bird of note was the Greenfinch; at least 4-6 birds singing very loudly and giving their full repertoire of calls and songs. It did seem quiet however but after one or two stops we realised that there was a lot of activity around which was dominated by Common Whitethroat families. Not many other small birds around which was reflected by only hearing one Wren. It did seem as though the warblers had deserted us but Blackcap joined the Whitethroat with some beautiful phrases.

Lots of Swifts overhead in small groups along with a single Little Egret, three Grey Herons, a single Swallow and a single Great Spotted Woodpecker. The real drama occurred just after discussing the lack of raptors on such a fine morning. A female Sparrowhawk came out of nowhere chasing and nearly catching a Greenfinch. It then circled high and east and was immediately mobbed by a Kestrel – what a show!! 

A lovely walk finished with a small group of House Sparrows. With the heat and very dry conditions The Hook is looking a bit parched.

The celebrations continued with a fine breakfast spread and Buck’s Fizz – what a way to celebrate 100 and a gorgeous morning. Many thanks to all attended and especially for my bottle of seeds for the garden!

32 species is a great total which was boosted by some of our scarcer species.

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