Hook Watch 101

23 July 2022

Yesterday’s Hook Watch seemed to be going to be a quiet affair as there was very little singing or calling at the start but with a little perseverance the species gradually began to show themselves albeit very briefly on most occasions.

An extra warbler this week with a single Chiffchaff showing itself while Whitethroats were again very active and Blackcaps singing occasionally.

Greenfinches became more evident as the morning wore on and Goldfinches hit the target with a nice small flock of 14.

Long-tailed Tits were the star of the Tit world with a number of young birds scattered around along with young Blue Tits and Great Tits. It’s obviously impossible to tell if these are second broods.

Most of the other species were limited to single figures including Song Thrush, Dunnock and Robin; unusually only two Magpies were seen. A single Great Spotted Woodpecker was heard but not seen.

Overhead we had another flypast from a Grey Heron but very little else with only two Black-headed Gulls and a single Cormorant. Swifts did put in a better show with two groups of 4 and 10 birds.

25 species was another slightly above average total for Hook Watch.

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