Garden Watch 117-121 – July

July 2 -July 30

The highlight has already been mentioned but Peregrine Falcon!!!! What a garden tick!!!! A female bird crossed a garden on Mona Road on 16 July – also the 100th Hook Watch day. 

Despite the smallish number of gardens taking part (5-10) we clocked an amazing 30 species. Back to normality however with Wood Pigeon taking top spot from House Sparrow with Blackbird and Magpie coming in close third. Great to see Sparrow rising to the top.

Numbers were quite low for many species with all of the Tits at 10 or below and Greenfinch and Chaffinch at five and under (but with Goldfinch up at 13).

Our other raptor was Sparrowhawk but only one sighting during the month.

It’s really nice to see Swift being seen every week although in much smaller numbers than in previous years. Wren is also struggling and surprisingly Starling only had nine records.

Of our scarcer species Stock Dove is still present in certain areas and Grey Heron put in a surprising appearance as did a very rare species for Garden Watch – a Green Woodpecker!

2022 Month by Month comparison 

1Wood PigeonWood PigeonWood PigeonWood PigeonWood PigeonBlackbird
2BlackbirdBlackbirdBlackbirdBlackbirdBlackbird, House SparrowWood Pigeon
3Blue TitBlue TitBlue Tit, House SparrowBlue TitBlue TitHouse Sparrow
4MagpieGreat Tit, MagpieMagpieHouse SparrowMagpie, RobinBlue Tit, Dunnock, Magpie
5RobinDunnockStarlingRobinStarlingCarrion Crow, Robin, Starling
6DunnockGoldfinch, House SparrowDunnock, GoldfinchMagpieFeral PigeonGoldfinch, Great Tit
7Great TitCarrion CrowJackdawGoldfinchDunnock, Goldfinch, Great TitJackdaw
8House SparrowChaffinch, JackdawCarrion CrowDunnockCarrion CrowFeral Pigeon
9Carrion CrowCollared Dove, RobinRobinGreat TitJackdaw, SwiftWren
10GoldfinchFeral Pigeon, StarlingGreat TitCarrion Crow, StarlingCollared Dove, WrenCollared Dove, Swift
1Wood Pigeon     
2House Sparrow     
3Blackbird, Magpie     
4Carrion Crow, Dunnock     
7Feral Pigeon, Great Tit, Jackdaw, Robin     
9Blue Tit, Collared Dove, Wren,      

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