Hook Watch 105

27 August 2022

A cracking morning with 30 species including one or two that were only heard. We also had our youngest ever member of the group join us – Oliver at 4 months had a great time and heard his first ever Green Woodpecker!

Swallows and Jackdaws were seen just off patch but they will find their way onto the Lady Bay list.

The Green Woody was heard quite a few times at the beginning of the walk, calling from the fields to the east. At the same time it became noticeable that the bushes were very active with bird movement. Lots of Tits,Common Whitethroat, and Chiffchaff seen and heard plus Reed Bunting and a distant Bullfinch calling. A very unusual sighting was a family party of 1 female and 2 juvenile Pheasants gorging on the berries half way up the bushes! Further into the reserve Blackcap, Dunnock, a lone Wren and another Reed Bunting were noted along with a few Greenfinch, at least 15 Goldfinch and more Great Tits and Blue Tits, parties of which all included young birds.

Overhead a very high Grey Heron slowly made its way north towards Colwick while a few Black-headed Gulls and a single Lesser Black-backed Gull circled around a few times. 

With the temperature quickly rising we finished with our usual dessert of House Sparrow and Starling. 

A really beautiful morning.


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