Hook Watch 106

17 September 2022

A strange sort of morning when it all seemed very quiet again but eventually ended with bagging 24 species of our mostly common birds but with the star species being about 200 Pink-footed Geese migrating in a south-east direction directly overhead in two skeins of 130 and 70 birds. I’ve heard that other people saw them as well. Just a fantastic sight and sound.

Greenfinches and Goldfinches were fairly active but again no Chaffinches but we did see one male Bullfinch briefly and heard a second bird.

We still have warblers on the reserve with Chiffchaff and Blackcap still present although both single birds.

Overhead there was limited movement of Cormorants but at least 26 Black-headed Gulls were noted as birds begin to get ready for winter roosts. There was also a single lesser Black-backed Gull.

Dunnock, Robin and Wren were all heard and seen well as were Blue and Great Tits and Blackbirds were definitely out in number gorging on the berries.


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