Hook Watch 107

24 September 2022

The third week running brought a quiet start to the morning but again it proved to be a false dawn at the east end. We did however tick a beautiful female Sparrowhawk hunting the reserve and also perching in one of the taller trees (views were not good while perched) and a Great Spotted Woodpecker as it flew directly away from us. The central part of the reserve provided the most action with lots of Blackbirds, Great Tits, Blue Tits and Greenfinches. Rook, Carrion Crow and Jackdaw were a welcome trio while Magpies seemed to follow us around. This area also provided two rarities for The Hook; a single Goldcrest flitted by and a male Chaffinch flew west overhead. There were a few Goldfinches, Robins and Dunnocks and we are still retaining warblers with at least four Chiffchaffs singing, calling and generally having a good time picking off insects.

Overhead there was not a lot with a much smaller movement of Black-headed Gulls compared to last week, a small group of six Greylags and five Cormorants.

22 species for the morning – a bang on average number for Hook Watch.


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