Hook Watch 114

26 November 2022 he third great Saturday in a row. 27 species and some fab birds. Notable records in bold. Fieldfare25+ Wood Pigeon 6+ Black-headed Gull 20+ Greenfinch 9 Wren 3 Dunnock 2 Redwing 20+ Magpie 4 Starling 8 Rook2 Feral Pigeon 20+ Cormorant 3 Great Tit 3 Chaffinch 6 Carrion Crow 1 Blackbird 10+... Continue Reading →

Hook Watch 113

19 November 2022 Another great morning in difficult light conditions. The good news is that a Water Rail was heard. Full list Wren 5 Wood Pigeon 48 Lesser Black-backed Gull 5 Rook 7 Carrion Crow 3 Long-tailed Tit 11 Chaffinch 6 Blue Tit 2 Great Tit 4 Fieldfare 11 Mallard 2 Greenfinch 12 Dunnock 3 Mute Swan... Continue Reading →

Hook Watch 112

12 November 2022 Another great morning on The Hook. The list says it all. Dunnock 7Wood Pigeon 10+Collared Dove 3Magpie 4Blackbird 12Wren 4Great Tit 5Carrion Crow 3Robin 3Blue Tit 3Greenfinch 10Long-tailed Tit 8Goldcrest 1Great Spotted Woodpecker 1Green Woodpecker 1 (seen and heard)Cormorant 7 (over)Bullfinch 2 (1 heard + 1 male)Redwing 13Fieldfare 24 (inc 21 over... Continue Reading →

Hook Watch 111

5 November 2022 a great morning in warm and overcast conditions.  Robin 5 Fieldfare 30 Carrion Crow 3 Blue tit 3 Magpie 3 Long-tailed Tit 2 Redwing 7 Feral Pigeon 30+ Dunnock 1 Blackbird 9 Wood Pigeon 5+ Greenfinch 14 Cormorants 6 Mallard 1 Chaffinch 3 Collared Dove 1 Raven 2 Goldfinch 10+ Song Thrush... Continue Reading →

Hook Watch 110

22 October 2022 What a great morning! After a bit of a quiet period over previous weeks, we hit the good times again with 29 species and the Redwings are back!! Saw various groups totalling over 130 birds; a superb sight. No Fieldfares but Song Thrush and Blackbird were added to the thrush list. Finches... Continue Reading →

Trip to The East Coast

11-14 October 2022 A group of 10 made their way to Flamborough on the east coast for a couple of days of birding with the idea of bagging some of those continental goodies being blown in on easterly winds.  On our way north it was decided to stop off at Old Moor RSPB with Bearded... Continue Reading →

Hook Watch 109

15 October 2022 Another lovely walk on a calm and slightly overcast day brought a total species count that, although just slightly below average for a morning stroll, comprised very low numbers of birds. It was nice to see Greenfinch back but these records were only of two birds heard. This was a similar story... Continue Reading →

Hook Watch 108

1 October 2022 For the first time ever (as far as I can see) we didn’t record Greenfinch on the reserve and the other finches were very low in number. Bullfinches were also absent. It was however an exciting morning as we watched a Sparrowhawk being chased by three Magpies. Magpies were out in force... Continue Reading →

Hook Watch 107

24 September 2022 The third week running brought a quiet start to the morning but again it proved to be a false dawn at the east end. We did however tick a beautiful female Sparrowhawk hunting the reserve and also perching in one of the taller trees (views were not good while perched) and a... Continue Reading →

Hook Watch 106

17 September 2022 A strange sort of morning when it all seemed very quiet again but eventually ended with bagging 24 species of our mostly common birds but with the star species being about 200 Pink-footed Geese migrating in a south-east direction directly overhead in two skeins of 130 and 70 birds. I’ve heard that... Continue Reading →

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