Recording the Birds of Lady Bay

Recording Birds in Lady Bay

As part of our local birdwatching activity we record the birds within the Lady Bay area. The area is shown below and birds seen anywhere within the area or from the boundary are included in our listings; most records submitted come from private gardens. Records can be submitted to the group at any time; a short summary report is then issued each month and an annual report at the end of the year.

As part of this recording exercise, regular short birdwatching walks take place through The Hook area, generally on a Saturday morning and usually last from 08.00 Р09.30. The aim of these walks is to give people regular local birdwatching and an opportunity to get to grips with common bird identification. To date 63 species have been seen on The Hook during a series of 21 walks up to and including December 2019.


If you would like to take part or find out more information please contact Keith Rainford at

The boundary of the Lady Bay area is deemed to be the rugby club on Holme Road, Radcliffe Road, Regatta Way to the sailing club and the River Trent as shown on the sketch Google layout below.

Boundary Area

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